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► Ouvrages

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  2. Njomo, L. 2010. The effects of conflicts on the youth of mfuleni. Post Apartheid conflicts in South Africa’s townships. Germany: Lambert Publishing.

► Articles

  1. Njomo, L. 2013. Examining the impacts of ethnic grocery shops on the food consumption behaviour of sub-saharan African imigrants in South Africa. Universal Journal of Education and General Studies (ISSN:2277-0984) Vol. 2(4) pp. 142-149, April, 2013
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► Communications scientifiques

  1. Capacity Building Workshop on University Governance and Academic Leadership. The University of Bamenda. 15th – 16th November 2013
  2. World Farmers Organisation Conference, Rome, Italy 5th – 10th June 2012
  3. Agricultural marketing conference, Munich, Germany 12th – 16th June 2012