: : Le Pr KAM YOGO Emmanuel, Maitre de Conférences à l'Université de Douala, nommé Professeur associé à la Faculté de droit de l'Université Laval au Canada : : L'Institut des Sciences Halieutiques (ISH) de l'Université de Douala à Yabassi honoré à travers l'un de ses étudiants, M. Herman NDJOKO, pour sa star-up "Energy for all-Co", spécialisée dans la production de l'énergie tant biologique que renouvelable




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  • MOBA Jesse
  • CC
  • DOCTOR OF Philosophy (PH.D)
  • Thesis : The Alternative Tradition in Nigerian Poetry: A Study of the Poetry Since 1960, Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, University of Yaoundé, July, 2002.

► Articles

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  3. “Guerrilla Poetry and the Search for an Alternative” in Gabriel mbah et als. Langues, littérature et identités culturelles, L’Harmattan, 2012:67-76.
  4. “Literature of the Environment: An Eco-critical Study of Niyi Osundare’s Poetry” in Cameroon Journal of Studies in the Commonwealth, Vl.2, No.1 January 2013: 33-44.
  5. “Cultural inter-relatedness in African Poetry: A Reading of Nigerian Poetry of the Sixties” in Annals of the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, University of Ngaounderé, Yaoundé, SOPECAM, 2014: 143-160
  6. “The Great Tradition and the Paradox of Acceptance” in publication process.
  7. “The Individual, Industrialisation and the Eco-System: An Ecological Reading of Modern African Poetry” awaiting publication.
  8. “Interculturality in John Pepper Clark’s Plays: A Study of the Ancient Theme of Creativity and the Fall of Man” awaiting publication.

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